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remember this for later: new drawings by allen brewer | december 12, 2009

one could say, allen brewer likes to draw.

the new series of drawings reflect his experiences as a child in the beginning stages of connecting images with words, multiple meanings, and hidden associations.

allen owns hundreds of old books that inspired this catalogue of words, but finding the images to match took hours of searching, until a certain memory from childhood would be triggered. while many children connect the act of swimming to words like fun/chlorine, allen appropriates a specific word to the image of swimming that is of HIS OWN context, a personal hidden meaning.

the drawings are created on old paper that resembles scrapbooks and wedding registers from the 70's. each is drawn with colored pencil: an instrument common to youth, learning, and accuracy. the colored pencil also gave allen an opportunity to alter the context of the original, thus creating more of a personal psychology and myth. the resulting images are dark and humorous.

they may cause you to corner allen...
and pick his brilliant brain.