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familiar places: photography by amy aaron | october 25th 2008

meet amy aaron. composing fragments with such delicate intent, her work brings together
a mixture of bizarre settings and ephemeral - often unrecognizable - human forms, imparting
the resulting scenes with a strange yet seductive quality.

recognizing the ability of a camera to focus and frame elements within a surrounding and competing
environment, amy successfully creates sparse airy worlds out of places familiar to her, houses of
friends and family, outdoor locations she knew intimately as a child, living rooms, basements, and
rooftops which occupy distinct periods within her past or present.

yet the resulting images are surprisingly foreign. they become places inhabited by mysterious figures
whose identities only begin to emerge within the two-dimensional reality of the photograph. she has
always been drawn to the unique relationship between photographs and reality - their ability to alter
a subject as its image travels from physical form to film and finally to paper.