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threads from there to here: recent work from the burning artist co-op | january 3rd 2009

burning artist co-op members:
noah norton
marq spusta
joshua norton
ric stultz
andy ducett

like the show's title, the group has unraveled from the same point, forming the co-op in 2001 while undergraduates at the university of wisconsin-stout. since then, they have pursued numerous careers and creative paths. they live in four separate states. they have exhibited across the world in cities including chicago, london, helsinki, lincoln, madison, minneapolis, honolulu, grand rapids, san francisco and los angeles. they have worked professionally for clients like mtv, target, the fillmore west, heavy rotation, tom petty, hgtv and the walker
art center.

they also have excellent record collections.

having supported and shaped each other's work in its earliest stages, the shared foundation of the artists is clear. but from that common starting point each artist has developed a unique style of mapping visual landscapes as diverse as their methods: printmaking, illustration, drawing, installation, painting, sculpture and various design approaches.

while their separate approaches may be diverse, all are interested in telling tales, setting stages and providing narrative departure points for rich and colorful stories to unravel. like a book that you can't put down, the work presented in the show will surely intrigue and invite viewers to enjoy the visual precision and depth of these midwestern-born artists.