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creator/destroyer: art by jake keeler | may 24th 2008

a balance of growth and decay, light and dark, celebration and mourning...

jake keeler's recent work is just that. as spring growth becomes more evident, and finally leaves behind the harshness of winter, the inescapable truth of our life and eventual death weigh on us. it is a time to celebrate new life and the cycle of nature's survival, and with this we try to balance a notion of our mortality.

somewhere in the middle of these we exist.

through drawings, sculpture, photo, installation, and the environment of existence, keeler finds this balance of existence. his concept
of nature and his participation within it act as a primer to flesh out a language and understanding of something unseen, elusive, and powerful. the work ranges from found objects, pop-culture references, observational drawings, illustration/abstraction, and the
creation of an overall environment for the work to exist in.

a bit of a bio:
creator/destroyer at umberístudios marks keeler's first solo show in the twin cities in 3 years. recent exhibitions and accomplishments include drawings of his shown in a group exhibition entitled Rose Colored Glasses, one of the last shows at Gavin Brown's Passerby in New York this past winter. one of his sculptures was included in the Minnesota Biennial 3D II at the Minnesota Museum of American Art in 2007/2008. his work will be featured in Studio Visit Magazine published by Open Studios Press this May, and his work has been included into the White Columns online Registry as well. he created artwork for the an EP entitled Sad Clown Bad Winter #11, by minneapolis hip hop group ATMOSPHERE this winter and released EatMeat II with collaborator Mr. Dibbs in late 2007. future exhibitions include a half dozen group shows around the US in 2008 called Gimme Baby Robots, and an installation at the Beverly Arts Center in Chicago this summer/fall for the group exhibition entitled Faketure.