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the FIVE TO NINE MAGAZINE show: first impressions last | february 9th | for the past year, umber° has been following the life of a magazine called FIVE TO NINE, a purely art magazine filled with works of phenomenal artists worldwide....from as close as minneapolis to as far as israel. FIVE TO NINE put on a thirty-artist show to celebrate it's first birthday.

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when five to nine magazine's pilot issue dropped as a pdf magazine a year ago, no one involved with the project really foresaw what it would become. nor did they realize that designers and artists were so eager to show off the beautiful work they created in their free time (5pm to 9am), when clients and the concern of getting paid disappeared. but they were, and this past year, this pdf magazine has developed an international following, released over 430 pages worth of material and displayed the work of countless artists and designers.

artists include: Bola Cooper | Monica Papagna | Peter Skwiot Smith | Alexander Egger | Claudio Parentela | Dan Swenson | Five to Nine Magazine | Emanuele Marianecci | James Dormer-Schneider | Kathryn Wright | Leandro Castelao | Leif Parsons | Lina Scheynius | Nicky Stewart | Suzanne Wright | Yaniv Waissa | Nathan Strandberg | Katie Kirk | Original | Russell Milne | Jose Enrique Veloccia | Mario Sughi | Jona Borrut | Francisco Miranda | Scott Meyers | Susan Walter | Dan Lisowski | Ben Hribar | Karl Frankowski | Matt Mignanelli