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off register 2008 | august 2nd 2008

a traveling group exhibition of experimental printmaking

foundation projects and umber° studios presents the Off-Register exhibition, showcasing prints by a collection of international artists
and graphic designers associated through the professional practice of commercial print design, but that do not consider themselves printmakers. this exhibition explores the relationship these artists and graphic designers have to printing and how commercial
processes may inform more traditional methods of fine art print making.

the title, Off-Register, refers to a mis-registered color plate pass during printing, as well as acknowledging the artists and designers experimentation with the various techniques of traditional printmaking. Each artist will present one print, produced in editions, that utilize and experiment with various traditional fine art printmaking techniques: serigraphy, lithography, etching, various transfer,
block printing, as well as incorporating unconventional methods and experimental techniques of print impressions.

the artists!
robin cameron
michael coleman
justin fines
ryan giese, grotesk vs. lowrider [collaboration]
steven harrington
maya hayuk
cody hudson
evan hecox
ben loiz
geoff mcfetridge
colin metcalf
andy mueller
michael perry
jon resh
joel speasmaker
todd st. john
andrew townsend
david j. weissberg
WEWORKFORTHEM: michael cina + michael young [collaboration]
and rory wilson