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GIRLS, with special guests, BOYS (a valentine sequel) | february 13th 2010

the push and pull of sweet hearts
and wicked love has begun...

umber studios presents: girls, with special guests, boys, a show which opened on the eve of valentines day. dc ice, jessica helvey, rebecca sullivan and torey bonar returned with their chosen counterparts and special guests: 4 boys.

dc iceis the queen of bitter jagged teeth and pink hearts; her newwork is feminine and scratchy all at once, with hints of truth in shifty eyes. jessica helvey's new pieces are fragile and antler-filled; thoughts, drawings and doe-eyed polaroids layered on raw and crooked wood. rebeccca sullivan bleeds color and emotion with thread and thimble, her new pieces could be worn around tender hearts and teary eyes. torey bonar's work has run away to the circus and only just returned; ring masters, illusionists, taboos, exaggeration, and the spectacular; her work is playful and dark, intriguing and grotesque.

and now, the boys: tim dieterle loves to peer into the lives of nature so obsessively that he has become a real live bird watcher; his work uses symbolic and talismanic representation to portray a certain poetic longing. lucas gluesenkamp is drawn to 1960's science fiction and fictional midwestern folk religions, his pieces are caught in that fatal moment of impending doom, where imagination is killed and existential existentialicity existentializing on exisitentialicious existence occurs. joel schwartz's work tends to alter environments with his humorous and rather twisted views of love, memory, loss and childlike wonder. david ekdahl presents his ethno-tribal folk art for the urban village, and lucky for us, has never been able to use the word existential to describe a single sculpture.

never fear...
we saved you from valentines day again.