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a volcom pin-up series by todd bratrud | may 2nd 2008

in the beginning of 2008, volcom launched a world wide art show tour featuring original work by todd bratrud, one of the most influential skateboard artists of the last decade. the show opened throughout the world with stops in los angeles, australia, brazil, and japan, but not without hitting minneapolis...

todd bratrud bio:
growing up in the middle of nowhere...crookston, mn, a small farming community in rural northern minnesota, there really wasn't much to do unless you were into football, hunting or throwing things off the bridge. but i wasn't into football or hunting to throwing things off the bridge. it got old after about 14 years. i moved onto drawing and skateboarding as a means of fun around 1989. Somewhere along the way i ended up doing all things art related for consolidated skateboards for a good number or years. these days i am lucky enough to be doing art on a regular basis for flip skateboards, volcom, the skateboard mag, nike, familia skateboard shop as well as sort of running teenage urethane and also all kinds of odds and ends for burlesque design of north america. on top of all that stuff, still skateboarding almost every day. all i do is still done as a means for fun, only real difference is not having to bag groceries for rent money any longer.