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west of north | july 17th 2010

in the fall of 2009, two minnesotans traveled to california, wandering the remote and quite space of the mohave desert and discovering a landscape that echoed their recent life experiences. tim fahs and robert murphy photographed their travels through the desert regions of southern california and returned home with portfolios of remarkable pictures that speak of their life journey and desert experience. selections from the portfolios will be on display at umber studios from july 17th through august 16th.

tim fahs' love for photography began when he developed his first roll of 120 film in his father's darkroom at the age of twelve. this showing is an examination of life, death and resurrection in the desert south west. in what is perceived to be a hostile and unforgiving environment, he found peacefulness, warmth and an inviting solitude.

robert murphy's images stem primarily from his translation of what is mysterious and indescribable within the human experience. he is interested in the way photography works around ideas and personal perspectives rather than any specific moment in time. the images selected for this exhibition are from his portfolio entitled desert hymn.

each man saw the same land in different ways. the resulting images are unique and reflect their own life experiences and influences. this show combines subtle and vast differences into a unified photographic semblance of desert life and the human condition.

show through august 16th, 2010
gallery hours:by appointment