umber studios

hello all,

umber° studios has closed its doors in minneapolis after 51 opening shows, and supporting 200 artists

please allow umber to pause for a time,
after the loss of a very beloved mother.


this is the first draft of a life that will go on living in uncountable other hearts. even the old cardiologist hasn't sewn herself into so many special places. whether we're all cut from the same cloth, some use their bits in brilliant ways. today and always the fortunate wear kathleen's garment. her most amazing love will go on being worn wherever her hands were laid. filling the family she touched every day before extending every direction onto those they do. in a perfect world we'd all wear a locket with her heart inside, instead we have our own full hearts, pumping her endless love through us everyday. the way we go forward honoring her is by blessing others with her heroic gentleness and selfless grace. treat everyone tenderly, as she would. give the (most) magical part of yourself to the ones you love, never stop. hold hands and call someone darling, give big hugs and be always brave. leave the heaviness behind and be incredible in tough times. in this way, her beautiful heart will continue giving the gifts it always has.

the light inside all of us shines brighter because she helped it glow. each heart here is connected with her delicate silken thread. it may stretch, it will never break. her incredible being is all around us. find it for yourself at 6:00 am when the birds start to sing, in the shade of an old oak on a summer afternoon, send it in a letter to her lovely family. whenever you find it, feel it. never let it go.

written for jessica & her mother
| april 7th