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umber° studios presents its final valentine:
farewell, my heart... / february 12th 2011

the push and pull of sweet hearts...
for the past two years umber° studios has crossed your fingers and pitted boys against girls in a flurry of heart shaped art and a gallery turned red. now, it's time to do it again. only this show is a special announcement...

what if umber changed?
... into a hotel
... a gallery
... an artist residency

(well, it will.)

opening summer 2013
in a little mountain town in oregon

umber° studios presents: farewell, my heart, the final valentines day show made in the shape of umber°s future: a boutique hotel and artist residency. dc ice, jessica helvey, rebeccca sullivan, torey bonar create an installation within umber°... a hotel room. complete with wicked hearts and the bleeding art that has made each show a furious delight. this is one of umber°s final shows before the great move and metamorphosis.