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fingers crossed: 4 girls pulling heartstrings | february 14th, 2009
four girls, four malicious romantics... an opening that broke your heart and made you smile. from circuit boards to twinkling lights, from sad goldfish to mourning elephants, this show was a collection of bizarre and beautiful art.

it's fraggle rock and polaroids, it's a paperhearts and scary dolls. its terrifyingly sweet and seemingly fragile. playing with all the cliche's that a four girl show on valentines day could bring, umber studios transformed its space into the interior of a heart, with all the evil, love, hate, curiosity, hunger, insanity, wounds, brilliance, quirks, whys, becauses, thoughts and middle fingers.

DC ICE took sinister but sweet to an entirely new level, REBECCA SULLIVAN debuted a long awaited series of honest and intricate stitched drawings. JESSICA HELVEY mixed water + oil + shredded book pages in her new polaroid transfer pieces. and umber studios introduced TOREY BONAR, an artist who adores math and whose tendency to play with the cast aways of electrical wiring has perhaps created a new genre of art.

as soon as you entered umber's bright red door, a night of art, chocolate, armchairs and red wine began...