(grey) jessica  |  owner + artist

books are meant to be read, art is meant to be seen. there is far too much art in storage around the world. there aren't enough museums or galleries, there aren't enough walls. i've had in my mind a hope for a space like this for a while. to offer more walls on which to display the work of artists. this is an art space... i paint and draw here, my studio is here. but it is also a space for theatre, yoga, gallery shows, art from every spectrum. i love art, and this is my space for more of it.


gracie  |  our socialite
prefers physical cont@ct

our sweet gracie was a permanent fixture at the studio until her passing on october 1st 2008. she's a lover. of you and your dog... and especially of milkbones and heart-shaped dog biscuits. she made every opening special, she was my best friend and my daughter. she is deeply missed by many, and by me.

janell vircks

janell  |  minneapolis owner + artist

my creative outlet in life is photography through the use of medium format film, chemicals, paper and darkness. old school. the time spent behind the camera working with portrait work is just as important to me as time spent in the darkroom painting with light on paper canvas. i use textural technique to create images that hopefully convey the emotion of what it feels like in the image rather than what it looks like. umber˚ has provided a creative space for me to shoot, print, contemplate and interact with other artists of all mediums and for that i am thankful.


phil  |  minneapolis owner + artist

i was pleased to be asked to join umber˚studios as a partner because it was described to be a place where apprehension, insecurity, and uncertainty could rest at ease; and a place in which sharing, experience, education and enthusiasm could take its place. they were not lying.

note from jessica and janell: far too modest! phil is the mastermind behind many of the subtle necessities at umber˚studios..the idea of skylights in the windowseat? all phil. (photographer, brilliant mechanical mind, and much more, phil is impossible to have without.)


roger  |  minneapolis owner + artist

robots need art too.
many thanks to jjp
for letting me play in the dark.